Coaching, Deception, and Love Stories…Oh My

I’ve been on this earth for 43 years. In those 43 years, I have completed elementary school, middle school, high school, military life, college, more college, and raised 3 kids. In that time I’ve come in contact with thousands and thousands of people.

However, in the last 5 years, I’ve come across the worse of, the worse. In my years of personal training, I found myself coaching 5 women that were “close friends” to each other. A 6th was on the way, but I put an end to almost all of the sessions before she had a chance to join my program.

Day after day, I would show up to train each one individually, and they would use this time to say how ignorant each of the other ladies was.

One of them thought that it would be a great idea to have an affair with her friend’s (my clients) husband and sleep with him in his house. Then they fell in LOVE!

But he was too scared to tell his wife. But little did he know, she already knew. I know that because she told me he was cheating, but she didn’t know who this mystery woman was.

Little did they all know… I knew the story from all angles, but I didn’t dare part my lips to say anything. It wasn’t my place. However, since then, she has given me permission to tell this story, but only if I make her look good! Which, of course, I will. She is the hero in my story.

I swear every day a different friend from the group would be in tears. Because they weren’t on the invite list to have dinner the day prior or some of the ladies met for a bomb fire, and one friend was left out.

The child-like tears blew my mind, and I would ask each of them, “why are yall friends”?

The whole situation was bizarre and annoying!

At different times each one would ask me for my opinion, and I would instantly say…….


You all have children to raise and your focus should be on them. They need your total and complete focus.

I swear I said that so much that I should’ve had a shirt made with that printed on it.

Out of the 5 almost 6 women, you were the one to rise above all of the frail and focus on what matters!

Your kids and your health. Stay, Strong mama.

We all have friendships and relationships that test our strength. Some of them will leave us feeling drained and questioning ourselves. However, if you feel this way, then run. Run for your freakin life, and don’t look back.

It doesn’t matter if you are running from your boyfriend, husband, friend, sister, auntie, or cousin.


Just keep running because your mental happiness is more important than anything else.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


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