J-LO And Shakira Set The Stage On Fire

I have to write two posts today.

I HAVE to… I am willing to fall behind on work to add my two cents.

There is so much OUTRAGE  about J Lo and Shakira’s half time performance. It’s insane to see that people are wondering how to explain this performance to there children. They don’t want their girls to think that a stripper pole is a way to go.

How about you tell your kids that pole dancing is a form of exercise and is taking the world by storm. I’ve tried it a few times and failed miserably, but I will rise again and tighten up these abs so I can swing again.

I have read comments that are suggesting their dancing was cringy, to sexual and a disgrace to all women kind

Everyone, please calm down!

Take a good look at yourself and make sure your life is perfect before you start babbling about others. I’m sure you are all so holy and was clutching your pearls throughout the performance.

Give me a break!

After reading many reviews of the halftime show, you would think that these women were totally naked on the stage and grinding on random men from the crowd. For a second, I thought they pulled an Adam Levine, and I missed it. But, nope, no shirts were removed. But that was okay for him to do, right?


Kidding aside…

On stage right, we have a 50-year-old headstrong woman that was wearing what professional dancers wear. She trained like a beast ( I follow her on Instagram and watched every step of her journey) and perfected every move. Her body alignment and angles were what dancers dream of executing.


On stage left, we have a 43-year-old woman that made every move look easy and effortless. She put on a show, and her hips once again didn’t lie. But they did, however, make me question if I should eat the darn chocolate cake that I made.


Both women were exceptional and left me feeling proud.

Oh, and I did eat the cake… with homemade hot fudge!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!



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