Hit Back Fat With These Four Tricks

Dear Back Fat,

You have ruined so many days that could have been sweet. You took it upon yourself to show up on every beach vacation I have ever gone on with my family. It’s like you wait for me to step into my hotel room, and then you show up like you’re paying for my vacation.

I know you can’t wait for me to slip on my bathing suit so you can just sit back and have a good old laugh.

You are evil, and you take pleasure in watching me suffer.

You looked at me dead in my face and lied to me. You told me that you would get out of my life if I  worked out and practically kill myself in the gym. I’ve done all the things that you asked me to do, but yet there you were.

I thought we had an understanding.

We agreed that this relationship was toxic, and if I wanted to free myself from you, then I also had to make sure I stopped doing a few other things.

And I did just that…

I stopped going to my nighttime snacks like cookies, brownies, chips, and popcorn.

OMG, I know what you are going say. “You slipped a couple of times with the popcorn.”

But give me a break!

How could that bring you back?

I can’t sand you.

So anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of googling on how to get rid of annoying things in your life, and just like I thought, Back Fat was the first thing to pop up on my google search.

I’m pleased to say that I’m a fitness coach now, and I’m going to spread my knowledge to every woman that I come in contact with.

I know that you hate the fact that I’m doing


and I will get rid of you for good, and those are just a few of the goodies that I’ve learned. I have a whole bag of tricks, and I’m ready to share.

You will no longer ruin my vacations or any other woman!

See ya, loser.


You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!


30 Days To Life

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