Woman In The Mirror

The only person that you should compare yourself to is you. There isn’t anyone in this world that is like you.

You are authentic, and you deserve to be happy. We should all feel complete and confident in who we are. But it’s hard to get to that happy place when you are focusing on everyone around you and not that woman in the mirror.

She is waiting for you to pay attention to her and only her.

Show her some love today! Look at yourself for motivation and stop #comparing you to everyone else.

We are all on a #different path.

We are all starting from a different point in our #life.

We all have different health issues or conditions that will prevent us from doing certain #exercises, and that’s okay. Just know what works for your body. If you know that jumping hurts your knees, then modify. The absolute worst thing you can do is overwork an area that is causing you pain and discomfort.

I know the word modify sounds like a bad word to my die-hard athletes, but it shouldn’t. Just try to change how you view that word and see that it doesn’t necessarily have to do with age.

I work with athletes of all ages, and they suffer from everything from neck pain to issues with their knees and joints. They are advised to modify and take a step down from there average activity level.

As well as being advised to experiment with different exercises until they find the one thing that works for them. There are literally thousands of various activities that you can do and kill your fat and gain muscle at the same time.

But you will take a long time finding that one format that works for you if you don’t take a step back from idealizing everyone else and start loving that lady in the mirror. Know that what works for one lady may not work for you.

Look at that lady in the mirror and say

I will become my own idol,

I am beautiful

I deserve to be the star in my own show.

Feel encouraged today and show yourself some love

Thank you all for reading this💗

You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose me, and I’m honored!



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