RIP Kobe Bryant…Reminiscing​ About His First Ring

2000 Finals Game 6, Lakers vs. Indiana Pacers, 4th quarter with 6:19 left in the game, and Kobe drives the ball down just below the left side of the free-throw line. He pivoted and turned his back to the basket and flipped the ball ever so smoothly to Shaq. Shaq does what he does oh so well and drives the ball right in the bucket for 2.

Making the score 96 to 101 Lakers.

The crowd was up in a frenzy, everyone’s standing on their feet and screaming from the top of their lungs. My husband and I are going crazy in our living room. We’re constantly high fiving each other.

I remember staring at the T.V. so intensely that I felt like my eyeballs were about to pop out my head.

Jalen Rose was schooled the entire night by Kobe. Kobe put up 3’s even when he was knocked off balance.

A little over 5 minutes were left in the game, and Phil Jackson called for a time out to tell Kobe what offensive play to run. Kobe gave him the reassurance that he had it all under control by holding both of his hands straight out and pumping them both towards the ground.

As to give him a calm down, I got this type of gesture.

Then the unthinkable happened!

Our electricity went out and just like that my husband and I were cursing out our T.V. and losing our cool. We had no idea how we were going to finish watching the game and debating if we should go and knock on our neighbor’s door that we didn’t like. We were sure that she and her daughter were prostitutes. (Story for another time)

Then my husband ran to the bedroom and grabbed his keys, and as he was running to the car, he screamed, follow me!

We literally jumped down the last 6 steps, ran out to the car, started it up, and scrambled to find the station so we could hear the rest of the game. Only 2 minutes had passed but it felt like hours had gone by.

Once we tuned in, all we heard was Kobe, Kobe, Kobe. This man was on fire. If he wasn’t making shots, he was assisting or blocking them.

In the final seconds of the game, Kobe shot two free throws that, of course, went in and left the Pacers hopeless.

As the Pacers shot their last shot and missed, the buzzer went off, and our lights had the nerve to come back on. The electricity was restored, so we made our way back to our house and slowly climbed up the stairs. Our adrenaline was no more, and we felt like a train had run over us.

Since that day we have watched countless hours of basketball and one championship after another, but this one will always be one of my favorites.


L.A Lakers 116

Pacers 111

R.I.P. Mamba and GiGi

Prayers for his family during this heartbreaking time.


You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


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