Let’s Talk About Sex

Last Saturday My husband and I had to have a going away to college talk with my daughter, and it was much needed. Mostly because well….she needed it!

It all began when she was on her way to her room to write a few chapters on her new book. She stuck her head in my room and said: “goodnight, I’m going to be in my room for the rest of the night writing.”

I said, “well, wait a second I want to chit chat with you for a minute.”

You see, she’ll be in college soon, and I’m trying to cover all areas before she departs from our home. I want her to practice safe sex and be in control of her body as well as urges at all times.

I feel like we have such a comfortable space, and my kids can freely open up and talk to my husband and me about sex, drugs, and alcohol. I know they don’t tell us everything and we don’t expect them too. Just give me the unmodified blueprint of things, and I’ll be happy.

So, anyway, when she walked into my room, she sat down and said, okay, what’s up. We immediately went into we need to talk about sex and college life.

We did get a slight I roll because here we go again!

Once she found her cozy spot in my room, we began to tell her that the last thing we want for her is to contract an STD, get pregnant, and/or fall in love with someone that is in no shape or form her equal.

These were just a few of the top hitters that we covered. We felt that staying clear from these few will save her time and years if not a lifetime of grief.

Anyway, for today’s purposes, I’m just going to touch on our sex topic, or we will be here all night.

We started out with a banger!

Protected sex!!

I told her, “look, I don’t want to hear nothing about safe sex. Let’s be clear no sex is safe sex, only abstinence can achieve that secure title. However, it is still important to stay “safe” as possible, but no that even with condoms, you can get pregnant and STDs.

I was very clear when I told her that alcohol will turn you into a whole new beast. Alcohol relaxes you and makes you feel comfortable in your skin. For instance, if you are shy, after 2 drinks, you will be as bold and confident as the Rock!

And believe me, folks are watching to see just how loose and free you have become. Then when you are no longer uptight, certain men will make their move. As a woman, you have to be aware of this and think hard before you take that first sip.

Our conversation lasted for 3 hours, and we were all exhausted from listening and talking, but we all felt like we ended up in a good place.

My husband and I know that our kids will do what they feel is best for them at any given time. But as parents, we talk and talk in the hope that our voice will be in the back of their heads when they’re in a tricky situation.

You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


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