Truth About Losing Weight

Have you ever went to the gym and looked around at all the in shape folks and thought how the hell did you accomplish losing all that weight and continue to stay so firm?

I have to admit that I have asked that question on several occasions. I’m supposed to be concentrating on my workout, but I can’t help but stare at the lady beside me. Now my staring really gets intense if its a lady that started her fitness journey just a little time ago, and now she looks like she created the word fit.

My first thought about her is you little Heffer, and then I start asking one question after another. Yes, I am that type of person to wait for you to get done with your set so I can ask you a quick question or two. Which is why I don’t mind if people interrupt me while I’m in between sets.


No, really I don’t mind this meme is just hilarious!

However, after almost 25 years of being in the fitness industry and asking all my questions, I’ve stumbled upon many answers that have helped me gain knowledge about losing weight.

So here ya go with my top 5 Truths

Body Type and Ethnicity 

Study who you are, where you are more likely to gain weight. Each race has a very unique frame, now I’m not saying just because you are European you are going to look the same as all Europeans, but you will carry similar traits.

Individual races are effected by dairy, meat, or carbohydrates (just to name of few), and its essential to find out which food groups are harmful to your weight loss journey.


Age plays a huge factor in how quickly you lose weight and how quickly you gain it. The older we get, the slower our metabolism becomes. That same two slices of pizza in your 20’s will hit your body different in your older years.

As you age, weights should play a more dominant role in your life. You will burn fat faster and help speed up your metabolism, gain bone density, improve your posture, and so many more positives.

What Time Are You Eating

Late-night carb snacking is the devil’s work. Make sure you aren’t starving your self, and then the midnight train comes up, and you eat everything in your pantry. I can’t stress enough the importance of sitting down and having regular, well-balanced meals.

If you have a busy life, plan ahead, and pack healthy snacks and stay consistent!

Rest and Water Intake

Clarity and weight loss will come when you allow your body to rest! Sleep is a post all by itself, so I will deal with this topic in a future post.

Drinking at least half your body weight in water each day will help refuel your muscles so that you can perform at a higher physical level. I will have a post dedicated to hydration this week, so please stay tuned.

How Much Are You Working Out and What Is Your Intensity Level

Overtraining and undertraining will prevent you from reaching your goals. I know that when you start a new program, excitement takes over and you are ready to go go go and eliminate rest days. That is until you strain a muscle, and then back on the couch, you go.

The truth is consistency is key. Keep in mind that slow and steady will always help you win the race. So take your time and enjoy the process.

You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


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