A Stranger In My Bed

One day I was lying in bed and was looked at my husband while he was sleeping. He was sleeping so good like he didn’t have a care in the world.

I was so jealous!

So I picked up a book and starting reading in hopes of getting sleepy, but it did just the opposite. This book made me second guess who I am and what I need to do to better myself.


At one point, I was answering the questions but not quite sure I truly knew the answers.

Here I am living in this body for 43 years, and I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up.

I know I want to be rich!

But who doesn’t?

Well, I take that back, not everyone desires to be rich, maybe comfortable but not rich. But I, on the other hand, would love to be wealthy enough to no longer worry about price tags and can help as many people in need as possible.

So, here I am at 1:00 in the morning, questioning my whole life. The things that I use to love are no longer of interest to me. I’m so content with writing and online coaching, but I want more.

My husband is always telling me to be patient and continue doing what you love, and more money will come. But geesh, I get so frustrated because I’m used to making a certain amount each month, but the stress that came with it was driving me insane.

Have you ever been torn between making more money and doing what you love, even though it means less pay?

I use to jump out of bed every day on a high to see all of my clients, but now the thought of it makes me feel like my life is being sucked out of me. I wanted to teach cycling, but now I wonder if I want to be tied down to a corporation when I don’t have to.

Until I figure this out, I’ll just be lying here.

Feeling like a stranger in my bed…

You could have chosen any blog to read but you chose mine and I’m honored.