The Hug Monster

My husband calls himself the huggie monster!

That is precisely what he is. I don’t care how many times I go into his office for a hug, he will give me one. He holds on for as long as I do.

I love that.


When my kids were little, he would come home from work and attack all three of them with hugs and kisses. As soon as my kids would hear the garage door open, they would run to the back door and wait for the hug monster to attack.

My husband would jump out of his car, and all three of our kids would take off running and screaming with pure excitement!

I don’t know about you, but I’m childish, so I was just as pumped up as my kids.

Now that they are older, you would think they wouldn’t want the hug monster to come out.

But they do!

He works from home now, so they can’t wait by the back door, full of anticipation.

Don’t think they would anyway.

So now he waits for a quiet moment while they are watching T.V. or studying and he dives onto the couch like a crazy man. He smothers them with love and hugs and screams out,

“I’m the huggie monster!”

Now that I think about he would scream that out during the weekend when I had one of our babies down for a nap, and of course, naptime would be over. They immediately thought it was playtime.

With my husband being who he is, it definitely turned into playtime, then park time, and then Dairy Queen.

I think the hug monster made us a tighter family. It definitely made me a more affectionate mom. Seeing someone give so much love became contagious.


When I’m having a bad day I give hugs and love to receive them. I know when my kids need a hug and I’m eager to give it.

So if you’re having a bad day, maybe the only thing you need is a visit from your very own special

Hug Monster!

You could have chosen any blog to read but you chose mine and I’m honored.


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