You Complete Me?

I wanted to punch Tom Cruise when he uttered the words, “You complete me.” Not because he said this to his co-star. We all know that this is just a movie. But I feared that people would think this was an impressive line to say.

I dared to be the victim of these words for several reasons!

  • It sounds fake and trying a bit too hard to make a point
  • Sounds pathetic and you look desperate
  • Cringeworthy yes Cringeworthy

There is absolutely no way that someone can complete you. Are you implying that you are half a person without me?

Perhaps you are a quarter of a person!

Whatever the case may be, I find it a bit of a stretch to utter these words or actually carrying this emotion with you. No one should have this much power over you.

I have a daughter that is somewhat scared to drive, and I told her that I need her to learn how to drive before she goes to college. She has to be completely independent, and if she finds a boyfriend, I don’t want her to rely on him for transportation.

Relying on anyone will create a handicap and will make you feel like you need this person.  (He completes you)

I have a son that loves to eat, and he requests different meals from me every day because he knows I love to cook. When the dinner is ready, my son is the first one to the table and says “mmmmmm” with almost every bite. Sometimes it annoys the heck out of me, but rarely do I say anything about it.

However because he loves food, I make him cook so he knows how to make everything he loves. He will never have someone saying “well you are going to starve tonight because I’m upset with you”. (She completes you)

Not my son! He does not need you for a meal.

I promise you only a donut will hear me say,



You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.



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