Baddest Bitch In The Room

My name is Kelli and I have been through things that a weak woman could never survive. I’ve been raped, beaten, thrown away like yesterday’s trash but yet I rise. Read More

Her 600 Pound Life

In the last few days, I have become obsessed with this show. On Saturday night, I was flipping through Hulu and trying to find something new to watch. I immediately stopped flipping when I saw a pic of a woman looking into the sunset. I thought the photographer captured a beautiful image of a real woman in deep thought about having a new chance at life. Read More

You’re My Queen

Her day was all about meetings and schedule more for the next day. She continually tries to stay two steps ahead of her male coworkers. If she doesn’t, they will notice and quickly confront her and their VP of her downfalls. She regularly feels that she is being watched, and everyone is waiting for her to make one questionable move. So far, they have nothing to see but the back of her ass as she climbs the corporate ladder. Read More

Your Walk Let Me Know

Your walk got me. I knew he was what I wanted when I saw that carefree, I control the room, and I’m a little cocky walk stroll past me. I had to laugh because my first thought was oh, he bad bad. He just walked right on by with his head up, chest out, and one hand in his pocket. I was immediately intrigued. Read More