Holiday Fitness Challenge

We made it! I have talked my head off about the challenge of a lifetime and now here we are. I am so excited to tell you what’s to come, so without further ado here is all the information you need to get started.

  1. Send me your email address so I can enroll you in the program
  2. I will send you a form that will take 1 minute to complete.
  3. Make one payment for 70.00 (can be on the link below)

Online Coaching

Happy Holidays! I'm offering all of my lovely people the opportunity to change your life over the holiday season. Our start date is November 25th and ends on December 25th. Every Sunday I will provide a weekly list of workouts that can be found on Beachbody on demand. Every workout is built to transform your life and help you get into the best shape of your life! Belladonnas Flashlight LLC


4.  This payment will get you 3 months of unlimited access to Beach Body on Demand, meal ideas, and one on one training with me for a month.

5. Every Sunday I will send you a complete list of workouts that must be completed every day. Sunday is your only off-day

You could have joined any challenge but you joined mine and I’m honored.