How To Stop Feeding Fat Cells

I will not let you lose yourself to food. It is so vital for everyone to know how to feed your body. The struggle is oh too real when you are a woman over 40 and have multiple kids. It seems like everything you eat goes straight to your hips, stomach, and thighs. Your lower body has now become your enemy!

All the exercises in the world will not get your body the way you want it to be.

What you need is a reality check in the kitchen!

You have to learn how to look at food and only eat when you need fuel. Think about it like this: When you fill your tank up], your car can only take so much gas. If you try to keep packing gas in, what will happen? Yes, it will spill out, and you’ll have as all over the damn place. Our bodies work the same way.

Over a matter of time, overeating will cause our stomachs to expand. No! That doesn’t mean we should increase our consumption, but what it does mean is like the fuel spillage our stomachs will stretch at an alarming rate. Your stomach should go back to the original size, but there must be a sizeable time gap between meals. Without those gaps, you can become obese and putting you at risk for premature death.

Don’t let food be the reason that you are not living a healthy and meaningful life. Adopting a more robust way/time to refuel will provide your stomach an adequate amount of time to empty and shrink. Without allowing this to take place, we then start to store that extra fuel in our fat cells. Causing our outcome to be weight gain.

Intermitting Fasting will help you in learning how to space out your meals and ensuring the appropriate amount of time between each meal.

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