You’re My Queen

Her day was all about meetings and schedule more for the next day. She continually tries to stay two steps ahead of her male coworkers. If she doesn’t, they will notice and quickly confront her and their VP of her downfalls. She regularly feels that she is being watched, and everyone is waiting for her to make one questionable move. So far, they have nothing to see but the back of her ass as she climbs the corporate ladder.

She looked at her watch and couldn’t believe that it was already 8pm and she realized why her fiance kept calling her. She knew by this time he was either at her house sitting outside frantically looking for her or on his way to the police station to report her missing. She stuffed all her unfinished work into her briefcase and headed to her gated and heavily secured parking garage. All of the security made her feel comfortable enough to leave work as late as she liked.

Which she always did.

She is always the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave at night. This was a must if you are a woman and trying to outdo all the men that waited for the day for you to fall flat on your face.

She made it to the garage, and the security guards knew to treat her with distance. A simple head nod and a have a beautiful evening ma’am is all she needed. She refused to have them open her car door and help her in. The thought of one of them treating her like a soft precious lady sickened her. By the end of her first week with the company, they knew not to let her stilettos and Louis Vitton tote deceive them.

His car was the first thing she saw as she turned down her street. She tried to hold back her tears of excitement, but she couldn’t help it. Her heart started to beat fast, and she could not get out of her car fast enough. He was one of the few people that she could be feminine with. He would never use her frilly side against her. His energy made her embrace that soft side.

He saw her car, and his face lit up.

They laid on her bed with her head comfy on his chest and talked about their day.  He’s always more intrigued to hear about her day. He enjoyed the fact that she could control a room full of egotistical men with such poise and class.

When she was done talking, he gently picked up her hand and kissed it softly and whispered her favorite three words that she craved to hear from him…..

“You’re my queen.”

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


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