Don’t Feed Me After 7:45

When the sky darkens, and the clock strikes 10, the beast within comes out. My hair stands up on the back of my head, my nails grow and get as sharp as nails. My eyes turn bright yellow, and loud shrieks are coming out of me as I run on all four legs down my stairs. I rip open my pantry door and search for the sweetest treat I can find, but then I remembered that I don’t by sweet treats.

That sets me into a rage! I use my teeth to rip open a bag of saltine crackers, and I lay on the floor and shove them in 8 at a time. Once I finish the box, I jump up, throw it, and look for my next prey.

When I’m not eating properly during the day, this is how I feel when night approaches. I turn into a wild savage beast and self-control is a thing of the past. All my hard work and discipline are shattered. The Gremlin within has won again.

Okay, maybe I’m not entirely like a gremlin, but in some ways, I am. Let me explain, when I deprive myself for too long, I feel like I’m going to explode. The fact is, I thought I had to let go of all the foods that I love to lose weight. I’m a 43-year-old woman that has had  3 kids, and my metabolism has died and come back to life more times than I can count. I gave up counting the number of deaths because what’s the point.

However, I now know what I was doing wrong all these years, and I eagerly want to help all my fellow gremlins.

The size of my clothes stopped multiplying, and yours can too.

Here’s How

  1. Eat well-balanced meals throughout the day
  2. water intake should be at least half your body weight
  3. Stop depriving yourself because it may cause binge eating
  4. Stay active, so you are ready for bed at a decent hour and getting 8 hours of sleep

The first thing you have to remember is calories count at night, too, not just during the day.  That same cookie that you are choosing not to eat during the day carries the same calories at night. You decided to stay away from that cookie because you want to drop some unwanted pounds. So make the right choices at night too.

Don’t give in to temptations at night and then have the nerve to step on the scale in the morning and get angry at the number that’s staring back at you. 

If you don’t want that number to multiply then you have to establish a cut off time. My cut off time is 7:45. I know by feeding my body well all day, I can implement this cut-off and avoid turning into a wild savage beast. Which in return, will prevent the number on my scale and dress size to multiply.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


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