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I hate the word diet. I cringe when I hear someone say that they have a big event coming up and they need to start a new diet. I’m always thinking NOOOOOO, and if I know you well enough, then I will tell you to hear me out for a few minutes, and please allow me to ask you what your goals are?


Now here’s the thing if you are looking for just a drop in the scale, then, by all means, you can def do that ina short period. If you are striving to drop 5-10 pounds, then okay, go for it. However, if you are looking to lose that weight and look and feel stronger, than going on a diet might not be what you’re looking for.


If you are looking to lose weight and increase your strength and overall health, then a lifestyle plan may be best suited for you. I have tried every “diet,” and they always lead me right back to square one. My body can only take being treated like a yoyo for so long. Unfortunately, it will stop responding the way I want it to. It’s like my body is saying enough is enough.

My Plan

For the past year, I’ve worked out for 45-60 minutes a day. I do I mix of cardio and weights every day, and on Sundays, I walk and sometimes jog it out for 3 miles. If it is raining outside, I turn to my indoor cycling. I slowly but surely lost 5 pounds doing this but I eagerly wanted to turn down a tad bit more. So I made a tiny tweak in my life and dropped 5 more pounds and gained a whole new perspective of working smarter. But here is the meat of it all.

You READY For This?

Intermittent Fasting!!!

I’m currently doing 16/8, which is where you fast for 16 hours and then eat within 8 hours. I needed to do something that would make me shut my work down at an earlier hour and get more sleep, and well, if I can’t snack while I work, then I want to be sleep.

IF has made me more focused, the mental clarity is astonishing! I’m getting work done at a faster pace, and I’m meeting all of my work deadlines. Not to mention, I am down 5 pounds!!!!

Every day my dinner is prepped and made by 6:00 pm, even on the weekends. I’m not giving myself a free pass to eat late for a long while. Mainly because I don’t want to confuse my already hyper anxious system. Anyways to make a long story short, I’m encouraged and I hope I can make you feel that way too.

Let me know what you think!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.




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