Besides You

I walked into my son’s room and plopped down on the bed like I always do and just started chit-chatting.  You have to understand that I have 3 kids a busy life, but I will always make one on one time every day to check in with my kiddos. No matter how busy I am, they need to know that mom will always make time to listen and engage.

Today’s topic for each of my kids was VAPING!

Yes, vaping because this mess is getting out of hand. My kids told me that just about everybody is doing it, including “athletes.” So I asked my son, would he ever do it, and is he curious about it? His eyes turned into little beads, and he wrinkled up his forehead and said: “How stupid do you think I am, I would never smoke anything.”

I felt secure with his answer, but because I’m a mom and would knock him and care about his future, I will continue to ask and sniff around.

We switched gears and discussed his silly friends and funny situations that are happening at school. As he was talking, I couldn’t help but ask who are so of your really close friends at school? I only wanted to know because I wanted to see how many I knew. He stopped talking and looked me right in my eyes and said

“well, besides you, I have about 6 other really close friends.”

I mean, can someone pick me up off the floor, please?

One of the things that I always hoped for was for my kids to see me as a person that they could feel respect for and comfortable enough to be exactly who they are.

My kids tell me that they love me and suffocate me with the biggest hugs every day. I’m the first person they come running to with good news and bad news. They know that I will support them always and will be the first person to discipline them if needed and the first to give the tightest comforting hug.

I think about them on my bad days because they help me see the good in life again. I carry their sweetest words to me and now I have 2 more.

Besides you…..

You could have chosen any blog, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.