Sometimes I Forget To Breathe

I love the life I have, and I am very fortunate to live it. However, sometimes I just have to move fast so that I’m able to keep up.

You know what I mean? I have one kid going this way another going that way and more headed in another direction. They all have their own extracurricular activities to get to it and sporting events that I refuse to miss. I must be front row and ready to cheer and film the plays from time to time.

On top of all of that, I thought it would be great to start a blog, and then I found out that if I wanted it to be successful, then I must work work work and make content that will keep you all engaged. I hope that I have and if I haven’t,


Well, blogging is harder than it looks, but I love it. Then on top of that, I stopped seeing clients in person and transitioned entirely to online training, and boy oh boy did I have to work out some significant kinks with that. On top of all my mishaps, I had to apply for a different license, which meant more money to spend, and that alone makes me want to just throw in the towel, but thank goodness I prayed and stayed strong.

Oh, wait! Did I mention that I cook, workout, and film it almost every day. I complete all of my daily musts before 4:00 because then its time to get to trucking with carpooling for my kiddos. We all make it back home by 7:00 so that we can sit down as a family and have a homecooked meal and discuss our day. That’s the moment that I look forward to.

When the day is all said and done, I’m lying in bed, making notes for my next day. I pause and think, did I forget to breathe today?

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.



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