The Sun Won’t Shine Forever

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone, yet it feels like you are going to live forever. I don’t know about you, but I know that I am guilty of putting things off until tomorrow. I always say that as soon as I wake up, I will tackle it and then move on to the next big project.

However, that doesn’t always happen. At one point in my life, my procrastination was nothing short of scandalous. The continual belief that tomorrow would be granted to me is not a winning approach. At least not if you want your business and blog to grow. I had to start saying to myself that tomorrow isn’t promised to me, and all I have is today. Right now. This moment and only this moment.

I have no idea what can happen to me tomorrow and what will prevent me from taking one step closer to my goal. So I started to leave my days as if they were my last. I want my last day to be my best day. I want my family to see that  I worked hard towards my goals to the end. I want every one of you to do the same.

To all of you, I say this, No matter what you plan on doing with your life or what goals are, you have love yourself enough to attack them today. Stop putting things off for the tomorrow that you might not have. Choose who you spend your time with and make sure they are worthy of your time. Not everyone deserves your attention, and quite frankly haven’t earned it.

Your every day and every moment are precious because after all…

The sun won’t shine forever.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.



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