Peace Out To The Extra Weight

Okay so I have a plan that is sure to work, and I don’t want you to miss out. I want as many women and men as possible to grab my hand and let me help you let go of the extra weight. You will be amazed at what all you can accomplish when you are lighter, healthier, and off all of your medications.

All I can do is jump for joy when I think back to almost 10 years ago when I had my last baby. I never thought that I would ever see the scale drop to the 150s in my life again. I was beyond agitated when I stepped on the scale and that evil number looking at me gave me a wink and a nod, and I think it laughed at me. Okay maybe it didn’t laugh, but it definitely chuckled.

I wanted to throw that scale right out the window because I couldn’t believe the lies it was telling me. I mean there is no way that I could be 205. How the hell did that happen AGAIN? Yay yay yay I ate my occasional cookies, pasta, bread, and brownies but geesh I also kept busy teaching dance classes. I figured with all the moving I was doing with my other two kids and working, I wouldn’t gain that much weight.

I found myself sinking into a little bit of a wrong place emotionally. For once I wanted to enjoy my baby without looking like I just had triplets. However, I had to force myself out of this funk and start to enjoy all of my blessings. I came to grips with my new weight, and I knew that if I remained positive and active, the weight would fall off.

So I began strapping Mak in her stroller and started to run every day as my other two kids rode their bikes after school. This routine became a habit and an activity that we all looked forward to.

Then I began to pop in my P90X DVD, and that changed my life. Tony Horton whooped my butt and gave me back my competitive drive. No, I wasn’t competing with anyone, just my prior self. I followed the workout schedule and food plan, and just like that, I said peace out to all of my extra weight.

This sounds really corny but if I can do it then you can too! Contact me today so you also can throw up deuces to your extra weight.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.



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