Real Men Do Cry

Little boys act tough, but men show their weaknesses.

I can’t imagine being told not to cry because it makes you look weak. Take a moment and really think about how that sounds. We live in a society that urges men to mask their feelings and emotions. Then we want them to show compassion to their wives and little girls.

Did you notice that I didn’t say, little boys? Of course, I didn’t include them because too many hugs and soft touches will make them more in tune with their feelings. Which, in return, may make them comfortable enough to shed a tear or two. How outrages does that sound?

I have the pleasure of being a daughter that saw her father cry. I never saw him cry when I was a child, but as we both aged and he became a little more comfortable with self-expression, he allowed tears to fall. Now he lets them fall often. That’s how I can tell how passionate he is about a situation.

I remember the first time that I saw him cry. His mother had just passed away, and his heart was shattered. I never heard a man let out a loud and hollow noise like that, and my heart fell to my stomach. I instantly felt helpless, and fear came over my entire body. I kept looking up to steal a quick glance at him. He had never looked stronger to me.

I married a man that cried when I said “Yes” to marry him, that’s when I knew I loved him with all my heart. I married a man that cried when I said “I do” and that’s when I knew that I would love him for the rest of my life. With each childbirth, tears flowed from his eyes.

It’s so satisfying to be surrounded by men. Real men that are secure enough to show me that crying isn’t a sign of weakness but an example of power.

Thank you both for showing me that there’s strength in a man’s tears.


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