Let it Be…​ Day 1

How often do we think about others and put ourselves on the back burner? How often do we say I will worry about my health, appearance, happiness tomorrow? My kids and spouse come first, and I’ll take care of me next. But what happens when you’re next just doesn’t arrive?She Hulk by Cat Staggs

As women, we do this far too often, and today is the day that you should change that. For years I put myself on the back burner and then one day I just didn’t. I woke up and said

I want me back

I want me back

I want me back

I had to make one thing clear

Taking care of myself isn’t selfish! Taking care of me is the self-love that I need so that I will live longer and become more productive in my life. Loving myself enough to make my health a priority will give me the ability to stand firm for my family.

Let today be the day you contact me and join the free 30-day challenge.

Grab my hand and let’s go!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


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