1+1= Laundry R​oom Disasters​

Okay, let me be clear I’m not purposely trying to destroy my laundry room and all the things that reside in it. However, some may question what the heck am I doing in there.

The first incident happened 2 years ago when my kids were on Spring break. We had just brought our puppy, Larry, home and we kept his dog training pad in the corner. We wanted him to know that he had one spot that he was allowed to use in the house. So for me to keep my laundry room smelling fresh, I cleaned the floor every day, and I would light a candle for just a few minutes while I did my other morning chores.

Well, this particular day someone put my laundry basket by the candle and then closed the door. All of a sudden, we all jumped out of our skin when our alarm started to talk to us so freakin loudly. Seriously, she was screaming “Warning there is a fire” over and over again. But this was before the fire actually started, so we are all flying around the house looking for the fire, and then my son yells “it’s in the laundry room”!!!

Firemen came out, and I was so embarrassed but not my kids, they started climbing into the fire truck and striking up conversations with the fire crew.

The only thing positive I could say is, well, I wanted to paint my laundry room and get new baskets anyway.

But, I’m not done yet. I have broken my dryer and washing machine at least 5 times. My husband and son have worked for hours on them repairing the machines. But hey, thanks to me they have become very handy with tools, so I’m doing them a favor, right? Okay, maybe not!

When my son hears a problem in the laundry room, he gets nervous and reminds me of how long it takes them to take the machines apart. I then roll my eyes at him and tell him to keep it moving. At least until I break something again.

Which I did on Tuesday, but I ordered the part and fixed it myself. So there’s that!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.



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