Let The Weightloss Begin​

I refuse to lose this Holiday Season! I know what you are thinking, it’s only August “so why I am thinking about the holidays”?. Well, I”ll tell you why. Because I like food and I can’t wait to start making my Halloween meals and goodies and then roll right into the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season. So here’s the thing, I have been known to go to bed stuffed with all types of delicious entrees and then wake up full and sluggish.

I don’t typically start the going to bed full and waking up full until 3 days into Christmas vacation. My kids are going to bed late, and we are watching movies, playing games and snacking late. However, I am the only that gains an obscene amount of weight.  It never fails year after year I end the season on a low mental note and have to bust my butt to lose one pound.

Well, not this year! NO, MA’AM.

So this year I’m starting early with planning out meals, schedule and forming a support group or you can call it a challenge group. The name isn’t essential, but the purpose behind it is. As a group, we are going to push each other to stay on track. 

Here’s the plan, on September 2nd I’m starting a 30-day challenge. This is set up to be a mini-trial for the holidays. Both challenges are free. The only thing you need is to subscribe to Beachbody on Demand because all of our workouts will be found there.

So please contact me today so you can get signed up and ready to go.

You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


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