Why Coming From a Broken Home May B​e Better Than Living In One “Part 2″​

Sometimes you have to take a step back and reflect over the things you desired to change as a child and make a conscious decision to not let history repeat itself. It’s not easy to walk away from someone you love and let go of what you want the relationship to be. Allowing yourself to let go of the living happily ever after can feel like a punch in the stomach and a knife in your heart.

Your decision to get couple counseling and heal your home or walk away and concentrate on just improving your soul should be made when staring into the sad eyes of your kids. When you look at that the lack of joy and darkness in their eyes it takes you back to your worse childhood days. Not knowing who to turn to for comfort and all you crave for is a gentle whisper in your ear telling you that tomorrow will be different and the best days lie ahead.

We fool ourselves into thinking that a fight every other day or once a month is better than chaos every day. But then you have to ask yourself when times are bad, “how bad are they?” Your home is the foundation to birth new ideas, easy conversation, love, soft tones, laughter around the dinner table, and acceptance. It’s a nonjudgemental zone where unconditional love is a must to be your best. If that foundation is cracked and busted, then nothing can safely rest on it.

As a wife and a mother, there are so many things that I needed to change about me so that love could grow in my home. My husband and I had a vision, and that made us take a good look within and honestly answer this question, “what can we do to make sure our kids are healthy, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally”? If giving them all those things meant that we would have to do it in separate homes and say this is the end of our marriage but the beginning of a fruitful life for our kids then it would have been worth it.

Coming from a broken home is something that you didn’t have control over, but choosing to live in one is 100% your decision.

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