Why Coming From a Broken Home May B​e Better Than Living In One “Part 1”

Marriage isn’t easy. Learning to live with someone that is most likely the exact opposite than you can be quite challenging. Then things start to get really interesting when we throw finance, kids, and outside interference in the mix. When we mix all of those ingredients together, it can be a formula for disaster, or it can be beautiful.

Learning how to recognize and differentiate the two is detrimental to the well being of your children. Knowing that beauty doesn’t live in a disastrous situation could save your kids thousands of dollars in therapy later in life. As parents, we have to be brave enough and wise enough to stand up and walk away from a situation that is not in the best interest of our children. When you bring toxicity into your home, your kids are feeding off of that energy. Since all kids handly it differently, we as parents have no idea how this will change the dynamics of their life.

Often times parents think that if their kids come from a two-family home, then that’s all that matters. Even if that home is filled with arguing, physical, and mental abuse, some will still say they want to stay together for the “kids.” I just can’t help but wonder if they are staying together because they don’t want to be alone. The act of walking away from someone you are used to can be scary, but raising kids in a peaceful and nurturing environment should take precedence.

As an adult, I would have to say that coming from a broken home is better than living in one.

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