The Day I Fell In Love “Part 2”

The Day I Fell In Love “Part 1”

I felt so light on my feet and thought I was going to tumble over. Somehow I managed to stand firm, but just like that, it was time for me to get back to the game and pretend to be interested in cheerleading. I was so ready to be done for the night and try to find Elijah again. I knew that I wouldn’t say anything else to him, I would just find a safe spot to take A quick peak without him knowing.

Now here is where it took a turn for the worse.

I was a senior in high school, and he told me that he was a freshman. I could not go another step further. I was heartbroken. I mean how in the world could this be, he had facial hair for goodness sake. I don’t remember too many freshmen with facial.

I wished so desperately that we were the same age or even a little closer in age. I wouldn’t have minded if he were at least a Junior, but not a Freshmen! So I buried my feelings and moved on. Then one day I was driving in the car with some of my friends, we were home from college for the summer and just enjoying each other’s company. We had the windows down and was rocking to The Above The Rim soundtrack, which was about 2 years old at that time. However, the tracks on that album are timeless, and I still listen to it to this day.

Anyways, my friends and I were singing along very loudly to “Afro Puffs” (that is still my jam). We were about to make a righthand turn, and there he was, walking down the street with a group of his friends. I’ll never forget what he was wearing. He was actually dressed extremely casual, he had on a white shirt, red bottoms, white baseball cap and of course a clean pair of white sneakers. He looked absolutely gorgeous!

I told my friend Jessica to please stop, but she couldn’t because she needed to make that right turn. She made the right and quickly drove around the block to get back to Elijah. I was so relieved because I was face to face with him once again. I yelled out HELLO, and he had the biggest most fantastic smile. He leaned his head in the car and said, “can I call you la—-” YES. In my mind, he was able to finish his sentence but not in reality.

You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.




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