Your Silence Is HURTING My Ears​

Through it, all you remained silent.

Not a call

Not a note

Not a whisper

When the silence first began, I knew that it wouldn’t last long. I believed in my soul that we would connect and start this friendship that I hungered for. I remember for a while I would sit in my soft, oversized chair and place a blanket around me and have the sun hit on me from my big bay window and imagine us talking about life. All the good, bad, and ugly. I would vent to you and wait for your advice that I needed.

After a few months of your silence, my ears started to burn. Sometimes they felt as though a flame was lit within and I could feel my ears swelling. They would begin to itch, and the more I rubbed them to relieve the pain, the worse they became. It’s funny that silence can hurt your ears. I guess your ears aren’t any different than your heart.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


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