She Was Bad Company Until She Wasn’t


Today was an overall exhausting day for her, she felt like everything she tried to do at work fell apart and collapsed all over her entire existence. She wanted to just go home, strip down to nothing as she locked her front door, and headed to her bathroom.

Well, wait, she would go to the kitchen first to pour a cold glass of wine and pop the butteriest bag of popcorn.

She saved those bags for stressful days and popped kettle corn on good days. Then she would head to the bathroom with her glass and bowl of popcorn. She could already feel the warm bubbles form her bath and smell the lavender and eucalyptus from her bath bombs.

But she remembered that she had a date with her fiance.

So instead, she groaned as she walked through her door. She went into the kitchen and reached for a bottle of water that sat right beside her favorite bottle of red wine.

She took a quick shower and applied fresh makeup. She went with a new natural look, mascara, soft frosted cheekbones, and just a tad on her eyelids and set it off with red lips.

She met him at their favorite restaurant, and although she was happy to be with him, she couldn’t help but daze out the window. She heard him talking, and he was cheerful as always, but she couldn’t focus on a thing he was saying. So she stopped him and said: “I’m sorry I’m just not good company tonight, and I don’t want to bring your spirits down, so I’m going to go.”

He quickly grabbed her hand and gazed into her eyes and said: “You could never be bad company, just you sitting there makes you better company than anyone in the whole world.”

She had to admit that he always knows what to do and say to calm her nerves. This day wasn’t different than any other moment in their life.

She instantly felt a little shy like she just met him, and just like that, her whole day turned around.

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