The Truth About The First 5 Years Of Marriage And How To Make It Through​

I didn’t think that we would make it this far. For years I thought we should have waited until we were in our 30’s instead of in our early 20’s to get married. But then I started to interact with others that found love late in life, and they experienced some of the same issues we did, and some were exponentially worse. So in some strange way that was comforting for me to know.

It was good to know that I wasn’t alone with wanting to run into the nearest forest and hide behind a rock and hope no one finds me. When it came to finances, I wanted to pull my hair out. It seemed like we agreed on most issues except when it came to money or lack thereof. I can honestly say that money was the root of all our concerns. We had a house, kids and everything that came with it.

Until after five years of marriage, I honestly didn’t truly know my husband or what I was made of.  In the beginning, it was hard to work together as a team because you didn’t want to feel like you were the one sacrificing for your household to run smoothly and your marriage to work.

So in order for your marriage to survive the first 5 years, you should consider doing these  things:

  1. Open a box and put our ego in it and then bury it. You should both be on the same level and be willing to listen to and respect each other’s words
  2. Make financial decisions together and write out a pro’s and con’s list
  3. Support each other when it comes to furthering your education. One person should not be the only one able to go to college or a trade school
  4. Dont turn everything into a big deal. Every situation doesn’t have to turn into an argument.
  5. Taking care of children is a joint responsibility. This is 2019; these are our kids.
  6. Don’t share only bad things about your significant other to your family because they will have a hard time forgiving them after you have.
  7. Loosen up and enjoy each other. Laugh and Hug ALOT

I hope this helps someone!

You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose mine and honored.


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