I Was Blocked On Instagram

I had a great topic to write about today, but something else hit my spirit. So I was on Instagram and wondering why I hadn’t seen a particular person that always pops up on my timeline. Now I have to admit whenever I saw a post from this person, my eyes would roll back in my head, and I know I had a disgusted look on my face. But I never thought twice about unfollowing, mostly because to me that’s just rude. But I guess I stand alone with that thought.

So like I was saying I when I realized that her stories were no longer popping up I went and searched her name and she didn’t pop up. So I automatically assumed that she deactivated her account. Not hardly the case. I was blocked!

Back Story

It all started a year ago, and she was stumbling trying to find her way. She had associates who liked to dance, so she began to like it too. She had associates who wanted to cycle, so she started to like it also. She had associates who liked yoga, so she liked it too. She had associates that were part of MLM scams, so she became part of that also. She had associates that had lots of friends, so she tried to adopt some of their characteristics so those friends would like her as well. All while trying to be other people, she lost sight of who she was.

When she started bashing me on her new fitness social media, account without saying my name but listing all the things that I do to keep in shape. The main form of fitness being cycling and anything Shaun T. She was stressing how my way is a waste of time and ineffective. She went on a rampage for months to her new followers stating that the key to losing weight is through eating whatever you want just as long as you are done by 8:00 pm and limiting your exercise to just a few days a week.

But she wasn’t practicing what she preached. Every time I went to the gym there, she was taking the same classes I was taking and even kicked up a notch and hired a personal trainer. She was at the gym 5 to 6 days a week. But would tell her followers she is never at the gym and her photoshopped six paks comes from the kitchen alone.

Me being in the health industry for now over 20 years, took great concern to her misleading her followers. I know that women will cling on to other women for hope, help, and guidance. We will buy into any program or product that offers us guaranteed weight loss. As you all know, Instagram and Facebook are excellent places to go to to take advantage of hopeful prospects. And that’s just what she did.

I wrote several posts that she didn’t like, one being how wannabe fitness enthusiasts are photoshopping their pictures to advance their online coaching career and telling unhealthy mistruths about how to obtain a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

I knew she was reading my post because she became distant from me after that post, and she stopped photoshopping her pictures. But then a few weeks later, she started back with her faulty behavior, and before I could intervene, I was BLOCKED!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


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