He Fell In Love With Her Loud Laugh

I fell in love with a man that fell in love with the real me.

There she was just sitting with her friends, laughing her usual loud and excitable laugh. I think when she laughs, the whole world knows that it’s her. She has tried to change it and learned how to do a light, soft chuckle, but that didn’t last long. Mostly because it hurt her chest when she tried to hold in the true her. She’s expressive and never really had a problem with owning that until her first nightmare of a boyfriend told her that she was way too loud and her laugh was unbearable. She kicked him to the curb and embraced her true self.

Her laugh is a significant part of who she is. Being around funny people is a must in her life. Laughter means so much to her because it use to chase away the blues, but now it does so much more than that. It reminds her that she is alive and to not take life so seriously. Laughing is a sense of freedom and her soul yearns for that.

As he watched her he knew that she was the one. I don’t know if it was just her laugh or the way her whole face laughs when she laughs. But that doesn’t matter, the only thing that mattered is that he liked it. He moved closer to her and struck up a conversation, and the conversation led to pure romance.

To this day he tells her that her laugh makes his heart feel good and he can’t help but to laugh too.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


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