Rare Lady Of Mine

I woke up to sunshine, and it quickly turned into rain and then thunder joined in. All of the chaos outside brought peace and calmness over my entire body. I sat Indian style on my bed in this newly built beautiful hotel room, that was covered with modern designs and plush white covers excitedly daydreaming about the events to come in the next few hours. I was about to marry my best friend, the one that God custom made just for me. When I heard the knock on the door, I knew that was my best friend, and it was time to turn this dream into reality. Kim and I laughed, cried, and somehow managed to put my makeup on to perfection and big huge bouncy curls throughout my hair. I’ll never forget the look on her face when I was all dressed and ready to go. Tears just streamed down her face, and she quickly apologized because she didn’t want to make me cry.

My brother John came and picked us up in a black limo, and he covered my hair and dress so that the rain wouldn’t touch me. I couldn’t wait for us to reach our destination because I needed to see my family and I knew my future husband was in reach. We were sharing the same space, the same air, and seeing the same things. When I reached out for my dad and brothers arms, they were both crying and looking at me full of love. That was the best feeling. Two of my favorite men were walking towards the only other man that could compare to them.

When I saw Elijah standing there waiting to marry me, I knew we would be together forever. After we said our I do’s my husband read a poem in front of everyone to me. He pulled up a chair and helped me sit, gave me a kiss and softly and patiently read this poem to me.

She shares A Common touch with you

And you hold dear her adoring face


Your oneness is permanent,

She is your soul in human form

She brings you peace, confidence, and happiness aplenty

Her devotion always keeping your heart warm


Her personality is unique, endearing to all she knows

And her intelligence is abound

You hold her caressing this earthly angel

And realize nothing more delicate can be found


God has sent down many blessings

This one disguised by a brilliant face

She carries my heart and soul everywhere she goes

She is a friend I cannot replace


This day of marriage is the pinnacle

The greatest achievement of my time

I am looking forward to a lifetime of love

With this Rare Lady of mine

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


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