It’s My Fault He Cheated

This Particular Friday In September wasn’t different from any other Friday. I walked in, ready to begin our session. She is prepared to take her life back, and losing weight will give her the confidence that she needs to do so. We started off talking and catching up on how her morning was, making a list of what she ate the day before and making sure she took in enough calories. Which was one of her main problems these days. She worked out a little too much and didn’t replenish her body enough. That’s where I come in as her voice of reason.

When I noticed the change

We had just finished the warm-up, and now it was time to dig deep and start our 45 minutes of pure cardio. Our warm-up session took longer than other days because she kept daydreaming. I kept asking her if she was okay and if she wanted to get something off her chest? As a trainer, I am used to clients being emotional when they are losing weight. You start to have mental clarity when your body is moving in the right direction. I have seen this happen, time and time again. You begin to see situations for what they really are, especially when it involves someone near and dear to your heart.

She kept telling no. Nothing is wrong; she was just sleepy and had a lot of running around to do for her kids that night. You see her husband worked long hours and when he was home, she would find him in his office behind his computer, with papers all over his desk and floor. She told me about one incident where she attempted to walk in the room and straightened up documents, and he yelled for her to stop right there and get out. He often told her that she was a distraction, and he preferred for her to just stay out. She loved him so much, but he made her feel unwanted, and she craved for what they use to have.

As I bent down to pick up my weights, I heard her say in a soft voice, I can’t do this today. I stood up and looked her way. I softly grabbed her hand and asked her why? She told me that her husband was supposed to be home last Friday after traveling from place to place for his job for more than two weeks. So when he called, she was out of breath from excitement to hear a voice that she hadn’t heard for close to a week but felt like a lifetime.

But she didn’t recognize the voice on the other end. He was angrier than she had ever heard, and over the last year, she has listened to some pretty harsh sounds, and words come out of his mouth. The moment she said Hello, he told her that he wasn’t coming home. He didn’t love her anymore and hadn’t since they had their last baby 12 years ago. He was in love with someone else and was moving to be closer to her. She immediately asked him how he could do this to their four kids and what was she supposed to tell them? He said he would take care of that when he comes to get his things.

By this point, she was on the ground crying and was squeezing the living daylights out my hand. She knew he was cheating again and, this was something he had done often but never has he told her that he wanted out of the marriage or the home. She forgave him every time he cheated because she felt like she pushed him to do it. Here she is 50 pounds overweight, a failed business and walks around in yoga pants every day. She hired me because she knew that she needed to change and losing weight would be the first step to regaining herself back. It wasn’t my place to tell her that her first step should’ve been to put him out and seek the best lawyer in town.

I don’t like to give my clients advice but I do like to share quotes and hope that they find want they need from them. So before I left I said to her,

Be Proud Of Who

You Are, And Not

Ashamed Of How

Someone Else

Sees You


Self Love Is The Best Love

You could have chosen any blog to read but you chose mine and I’m honored.



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