Are you Okay?

All she can feel is the weight of the world on her shoulders and the breath of temptation breathing heavy on her neck. She can feel the sun beating down on her skin scorching every part of her that’s exposed. When she rises, everything goes black, and she stumbles to catch her balance. She closes her eyes, inhales and exhales. Why does she forget to breathe sometimes? Something as simple as breathing. Often times just taking a moment becomes hard, especially when you’re putting yourself last.

She looks at her self in the mirror and asks, “Are you okay”? With slight hesitation and shortness of breath, she whispers,”no, BUT I must keep going.”

How many women have experienced this type of feeling at one time or another? And when you felt like this, did you admit to yourself that you weren’t okay? No judgment just simple admittance. You have to remove the weight and be honest with you and only you. If you’re not okay then just say it….just say it.

The removal of that weight can be a matter of life or death for you. As a woman with three children, a husband, and a career. I know what it’s like to carry not just one weight but several and then finding it difficult to stand. While still continuing to deny the fact that I’m not OKAY. Stacking duties and responsibilities up to the point that it’s detrimental to my health.

If you can relate to this stop what you were doing right now! Please stop what you’re doing. Go to a quiet place and close your eyes and breathe. Admit that you aren’t okay. I promise just by you saying those words a sense of freedom will come over your whole body, and you’ll finally see hope.

You have to understand that it’s okay to not be okay. But refusing to ask yourself this question is like drowning in a 3ft pool of water when all you had to do was stand.

You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


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