Let Me Clear My Throat

Before I go any further let me say this. Yes, I will be cooking again but let me get out of my feelings first. I am a woman on edge and, I will throw a tomato or an onion at someone right now.

I am diving into the senior year for my firstborn, and I am proud, sad, excited, ecstatic, scared, anxious, panicked, well you get the point. So yesterday we went to Samantha’s first college of choice and the campus was beautiful. She was glowing as she walked around or maybe that was sweat. Either way, she glowed. Samantha was in her element, amongst other kids that already have businesses and looking to collaborate. All of these future chemical engineers were focused, asking all the right questions.  I kept peaking up at my daughter and couldn’t believe that I gave birth to her.

I mean, I might be biased, but she is pretty fantastic. Since day 1, she has taken care of business. She’s a no-nonsense type of girl. You can’t put limits on her and tell her what she can’t do. She’ll take pleasure in proving you wrong and go about her way and pretend like you never existed. Her power is breathtaking but it wasn’t that long ago when she doubted her every move.

When Samantha was in 6th grade, she came home every day crying. I knew that I had to have work and dinner done before I heard that front door open because she needed all my attention. It was the same conversation every day. “The popular kids are in a group and makes her feel uncomfortable.” She wanted to fit in but didn’t know-how. What she didn’t know is that she wasn’t supposed to fit in. Thank Goodness she will never fit in with the wrong crowd. But, here’s the thing I told her this every day. She had her head in my lap and just listened.

She heard my words and stood firm and now she gives me strength. My rising senior cleared her throat, aced all her AP classes, and wrote a kick-butt book. Now moving on to book 2.

Accursed Red

Now let me really clear my throat, stop crying, and get in that kitchen and make some pizza!

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


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