A Fool’s Game

This world is cold and half the people that you believe care about you, really have malicious intentions. We live in a world that takes the word reality off of the map. We strive for instant gratification and praise the most peculiar behavior.

Things that used to be between you and you are now the world’s business. Well, at least their world. Just putting all the dirt on social media and waiting for a punch back. The love for forming a group and purposely targeting one person is the utmost childlike behavior I have seen.

Okay, let’s just dive into it! Just because someone can’t understand how you feel or why you feel that particular way, does not give them the right to judge your position. In the event that you attempt to demolish someone’s character based off of your own preconceived idea, think again. Only this time with precaution and facts to back up your craziness.

Social Media should not be your first place to turn to in order to satisfy your sweet tooth. What happened to one on one combat? Or is it that we feel empowered behind a keyboard and will crawl up like a snail if the confrontation was brought in real life. Misbehaving in front of an audience may quench your thirst for now but in the end, you will realize that you’re playing a fool’s game.

You could have chosen to read any blog but you chose mine and I’m honored.


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