Being A Mom Is Easy… Says NO ONE​


She is laying in bed half awake and half brain dead. She can’t help but wonder where the night went. Her legs are a little swollen, feet are sensitive to touch, hair feels greasy like it hasn’t been washed in weeks. When she felt her face, she could tell that her bags were back more prominent than ever. She couldn’t help but to look up at the ceiling and say, “do I have to repeat this schedule again.”

She closes her eyes and reflects on the previous days before. Just the thought of the things that to be done to keep her world afloat is exhausting her mentally and physically.

Yestereday was Monday but in her life everyday is Monday. she woke up at 6:00 and stumbled right in to the kitchen to cook breakfast and made sure all lunches were packed. The kids woke up to the fresh smell of pancakes on the griddle, clothes picked out and soft music palying. She always has calm music because she read somewhere that they will bring positive energy into the house. Maybe it worked or it could have been her pancakes that brought about the positivity.

At 7:30 she kissed her 3 kids ( 4 year old boy,5 year old boy, and 7 year old girl) husband good bye and started on the laundry, dishes and making bed beds. If the house is in order then her thoughts will be to. I f she was able to get everything done in 30 minutes then she would be able to scarf her coffee down before her 6 month old baby boy woke up. That literally only happened once maybe twice week. But this was not one of those days.

As soon as she sat down for a quick breather and had the cup of cofee to her lips, he woke up. She changed him, fed him breakfast and played with him. Two hours later he was wahed, fed again and ready for some fresh air and paly time on his mat while she worked on her business that her and her husband owned. By 12:30 he was ready for a milk break and a nap. She finally had the time to jump in out of the shower so she could be dressed and get work donebefore her baby woke up.

By 3:00 the baby was up and all kids home from school, ready for a snack while she prepped dinner. Oh and she helped with homework at the sametime. Her evenring flew by and by 9:45 the 6 month old was the only one up and she hoped he would drift off so she could clean the kithchen, wipe down the bathrooms and then just catch her breath.

As she lay in bed she thought how that was an easy day compared to the days that a teacher is calling because her 5-year-old hurt himself or someone else while playing sports at recess, or her other sons preschool teacher calling because… well because he is a bit hyper and loves to encourage fellow classmates to join him in a wrestling match.

She tossed all the memories of yesterday out the window and jumped up, headed for the stairs, and said: “Being a mom is easy and today is going to be different.” As soon as she said that she took one step to go downstairs and was met with one massive lego piece.

You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


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