Misery Loves Company

So you thought that she would let you come into her life and drag her down to your level? So you thought that It would be easy to get her to swallow predigested thoughts and feelings? I bet she surprised you…huh? You see, when God made her, he made a force, a tornado, a tsunami. The only thing that can control and move her….IS HER. Her strength will either scare you or motivate you.

Sad to say, she wasn’t always this way. She had to be broken before she could be royal. No matter what heartache or disappointment this queen goes through on any given day, she will remind herself that she regal.

It took a long time for her to have confidence and determination, The things that gave her hope and an escape were denied. She held a grudge for years, hell she still does at times. But now that she is in control of her own desires, she takes full advantage of her freedom.

From an early age, she knew she was different. She knew her opinions, views, outlook on life, and desires were unlike others that she knew personally. You see when she was a young girl, she knew she wasn’t supposed to be denied the right to live out her passion and more importantly, she should have stayed away from a childish relationship. He was someone that talked about her, hit her, and treated her less than human. You better believe when she made her move, she never looked back. She knew that certain people in her life were miserable and wanted her to be the same.

The funny thing is, she thought that the phrase “misery loves company” was overrated but so not the case. You can see misery daily. Within your career, church, community and in a variety of other areas. She, like others, are faced with people every day, that would rather see you fall and bust your face wide open than to see you get ahead in life. Whether you are getting ahead financially, physically, or spiritually, it bothers the broken spirits that you surround yourself with.

The only time you will win is when you get real with yourself and start weeding out each and every individual that is celebrating your failures. Weed out the ones that are happy to see you just be mediocre…like them. Weed out the ones that are trying to get you to stop doing something you love. Weed out the people that are okay if they hurt you. You should not feel hurt, discomfort, pain, or confusion if you are around people that genuinely care about YOU!

She finally learned to let misery keep itself company while she continue to be ROYAL.

Happy Thoughts and Positive Actions Will Lead to a Healthy Life!

You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


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