It Doesn’t Matter What I See

I don’t think I have ever seen anyone with a more beautiful smile. When you walk into the room everyone lights up and can feel your energy. It’s indescribable how you make others want to better. Your style and grace are like no other. 

Why don’t you see this? I have tried so hard to make you feel comfortable in your skin. Whenever you express doubt I point out all the things about you that everyone in your world sees. I’m at a loss and dont know what else to do.

You promised yourself that after you lost a significant amout of weight, your outlook would change. You vowed to stop seeing who you use to be and began to embrace who you’ve become.

I long for the day that you recognize your stregnths and evrything that you offer the world. But you have to want it more than me.

It doesn’t matter what I see …

We focus on everything we want to change, and as a trainer/coach, I try to get all my clients to focus on everything they love about themselves. Once you focus on the positive, you start to feel energized about being better and want to make all necessary changes that will ensure an exceptional life on the horizon.

Stop whatever you are doing and go to the mirror and say something positive right now! If you don’t recognize your beauty, no one else will either. What they once saw as beauty will fade into disappointment.

What do you see?

You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


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