Fat And Thinking About My Next Meal​


There I sat staring out the window with a full belly and regretting everything I just ate. But that didn’t stop me from thinking about my next meal. This always happens to me!!! As soon as I start a diet, I get hungry and literally plan my next meal as I complete my current meal. Then I spend my day frantically counting up all my calories and without fail frustration sets in and I begin guesstimating my caloric intake.

The next morning I step on the scale and surprise surprise nothing has changed… oh wait a minute it has. I gained 2 pounds. How did this happen when I counted all my calories, spaced out my meals, and stressed myself out by making sure everything was well balanced. I’m throwing in the towel.

How many of you can relate to this? This was the story of my life for years. When I gave birth to my now 9-year-old baby girl, I was 210 pounds. This was my post-baby weight, as a matter of fact, she was 2 months, and here I was still holding on to every pound I gained.   I felt defeated and was at a loss of where to begin this 3rd transformation. 210 pounds was the biggest I had ever been, and I could not stop eating. At this point, I am totally out of control and miserable. I just want my waistline back and perky butt again.

The T.V. is on, and the most fantastic commercial just popped on. This literally saved my mind…wait for it wait for it, WEIGHT WATCHERS!!! This was the perfect plan to pair with my P90X Beach Body workout.

I jumped on my laptop and went for it. Fast forward to 12 months later, 60 pounds was gone, and a whole new me was birthed. Zero frustration was felt and the year flew by. Never once did I deprive myself of my favorite snacks, but I did have to learn to stop making food the most important part of my lifestyle change. What do I mean by that you may ask? When you want to lose weight and get into the best shape of your life, you have to focus on making positive changes everywhere. From your friends to joining positive organizations, making sure you are happy with the line of work you are currently in. All of these things affect your transformation.

You want to be excited about everything in your life and look for real solutions. NO fussing, NO arguing about petty situations that you will most likely forget about in a few hours. Don’t let your temper get the best of you and pick your battles wisely. You have to learn how to walk away and take a couple of WOOOSASS.

Your health is the most essential thing that you can control. I’m begging you to not be like me. I was a fat girl and continuously thinking about my next meal.

You could have chosen to read any blog but you chose mine and I’m honored.


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