Not Everyone Can Be A King

It’s sickening to see men walk around thinking they should be treated like a King but disrespect and abandon the people they should cherish the most. If you make a choice to turn your back on your kids and their needs, then you face the fact you just might grow old alone.  Alone away from the humans that God blessed you with. For some outlandish reason, God thought he could trust you with lives and that you would execute his word and adequately raise and nurture his child. But you chose another route, and at the end of your insane journey, you expected to end up at the planned destination.

Emotionally and Spiritual unavailable!

There’s not an award for that.

Leaving without reason and starting a new home. There’s not an award for that.

Not caring if your kids are fed and refusing to carry a simple conversation isn’t how it was supposed to be. Kids feeling like their words are not important enough to be heard feels like a gunshot to the chest. But yet you demand respect, and when you walk into a room, everyone should pause and recognize a King has entered.

Not So!

When I ask my kids to describe their father in one word, they looked at me like I was crazy because it’s difficult for them to choose just one word. But with pride in their voice, they all said the same word…RELIABLE.

My son said that his father was an all-around stand-up guy and is an example that he will follow for the rest of his life. I think my husband broke down when he said that. For your son at the age of 15, tell you that you show him what a man is supposed to do is literally everything. Our oldest daughter said to him that she is so glad that he pushes her academically and athletically. His support and encouragement, sense of humor make her who she is. Our 9-year-old baby girl expressed how she is so happy that he listens to her. He makes her feel like she is important and what she has to say matters. He was speechless for a minute and then cleared his throat, gathered himself, and told them that he is the one that is blessed, and they make him proud every single day.

Many can be called a King, but only a few will live up to the title.

You could have chosen any blog to read, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.


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