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Let me start off by saying I have been married for 18 almost 19 years. Therefore I’ve been out of the dating world for quite some time. But I do have a large number of single friends, and I read a lot about how extremely hard it is to date. My single girlfriends are telling me that they’re having a difficult time finding a man worth wild. My first question to them is how do you view yourself? The second question is, are you approachable?

Let’s Figure This Out

Let’s start with how you feel about yourself and then work our way up from there. Social Media has put a damper on our spirits. We try to compare with the photoshop image that is receiving thousands and even millions of likes. We look at these women and then read the comments that are filled with praising her curves, hair, lips, and complexion. I mean you don’t want to be to chunky right? You don’t want to be flat in the front and the back. You want your hips round out more extensive than your waistline. Thin lips are out, so girl go get the lip fillers. Your hair has to look as if you put in the effort but not too much. Like, try without looking like you tried kind of look. Now let’s dive into that complexion. It’s a sin to be a dark skin girl and trying to get recognized in this society and don’t even think about posting a picture with pale, I think I can see right through you skin tone. But that’s not all we are dealing with, we have women that have had children and are now left with warrior stripes. It doesn’t matter if they are on your stomach, legs, arms, or butt, you better not be brave enough to show them because that is not attractive. No one wants to deal with your reality, so please do us all a favor and photoshop those scars right out the picture.


Stop getting your image twisted. If you feel that you are overweight, then contact me today. Not so I can have you do 1000 crunches or situps, but so we can have a long talk on how you have to love yourself enough to start a healthy journey. You have to wake up and say I am a bad bitch but if I tweaked this or that I would be living my best life. Take control of your health. You want to live a long and productive life, right? So let’s get you snatched in real life no photoshopping needed.

Your hairstyle is an accurate representation of you so rock whatever feels right for you. I don’t care what style you are into, that’s your business, and you need to own it. But here is my favorite topic of discussion… SKIN TONE! Stop with this lightening up your skin. Dark skin is beautiful, and we need to start erasing the stigma that comes with dark skin. I am so sick of it. Look at what Sammie Sosa did to his skin, (claims its a medical condition, maybe it is) as well as other celebrities that were darker when they were younger, and then over the years that skin became lighter and lighter. However, black folks are the only ones doing this. Indian culture will lighten their skin as well and many many more. We don’t want to be too dark nor too light so Caucasians, as well as other nationalities, will risk getting skin cancer to have darker skin or throw a more colored filter up. We have to stop this behavior and LOVE who we are. Say something beautiful about yourself every day.

I love the fact that we are all so different, and our beauty is unique. It’s funny that once you feel beautiful, then the way you walk gets a little sexier. Your swag meter is felt by all and hated by some, but that’s cool too. You become more approachable and attractive. Which in return, will help you find Mr. Right.

Being true to yourself and unapologetic for it is where you should start and the rest will be golden.

You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose mine, and I’m honored.



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