Love Wins

….and I don’t mind💗


Back in the day, I thought using the L word would make me vulnerable and wide open for heartbreak. I was always like… I love you, but I don’t love you, love. There are levels to this ish, and you’re just on level one boo.


But I quickly realized that if I wanted to be loved, then I had to be willing to LOVE. Give with my whole heart and leave everything on the table. I was forced to put my heart on my sleeve and express how I felt about my know husband. I held back for so long, but it became difficult because I chose someone that is so affectionate all the time and will drop everything just to give me a hug. Even if I didn’t need a hug, here he comes ready to squeeze me so tight and telling me something beautiful.


I remember resisting and being so uncomfortable and thinking this cannot be typical and how long will he keep this up? Like do you really need to touch my arm every time you walk past me? He was willing to tell me exactly how he felt about me and didn’t fight or stumble over his words. He left zero doubt in my mind how he felt about me.


I, on the other hand, was always shy about expressing how I felt, and like I said previously, I didn’t want to be vulnerable. I never wanted anyone to rip my heart apart and leave me questioning my whole life. So maybe just maybe, if you remain strong and not give to much of your heart away, then you won’t get hurt, right? Wrong!!!!!


If you put limits on your love, then don’t expect your relationship to last nor be healthy. I look at it like this. When you have children, you want them to know that you will do everything in your power to ensure that they have the things they need. We hug on them, tell them we love them, buy presents, take them on vacations, supply what seems like never ending funds for extracurricular activities. We fearlessly give them all of us and knowing that one day they will leave us! Maybe they won’t go for but hell they are going to empty out their room and hit the highway and start their own life.


So why give the stiff arm to the person that we want to live a lifetime with? I don’t want to push away the person that I know is meant for me. So if I have to choose between putting myself out there and be willing to be hurt in order to find love or staying alone.


Then I select LOVE…

Love wins, and I’m good with that

You could have chosen to read any blog, but you chose mine, and I’m honored!



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