Queen Of North

Don’t think I’m quite over how Game of Thrones ended. I was upset for a week and slowly coming to grips that the ending was not the ending. I will patiently wait for the next two books to be released, and then I will accept whatever end he gives me.

I was just thrown off at the flow of events and how quickly everything came to a head. It would have been fantastic if they had the time and desire to break season 8 up into two more seasons. There was so much information that was left out, and they jumped from one main event to the next. I have to admit that my frustration led me to ban my husband from watching old episodes in our room.

I can’t help but think back and how we all suffered through Joffrey being King and Cersei making excuses for her son being a spineless dictator. The boy was just pure evil, and it made me so angry to watch him sit on that throne, and after all that, they stick us with that atrocious ending.

Let me stop right here, I promised myself that I would get on here and vent. So I’ll just leave you with this.

My queen of the North is Arya because she’s a badass, and she killed Cersi… the end for now!

You could have read any blog, but you chose to read mine, and I’m honored.


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