May Madness

I hate to be the mom that’s drunk every night during the last week of school. But I need to just chill and tap out for a minute. The last 3 weeks of my life have been a blur and I just keep hearing these damn reminder alerts going off on my phone. I am so sick of hearing those damn dings but without the reminders, I would forget everything.

The month of May is a move quickly and you don’t have time to sleep type of month. In the Haughawout household, we start the month off with Spring football camps. My son either has practice before school at 6:00 AM or after school until 6:30 PM.  Regardless of the time, he needs a ride so there I am barely awake and driving or scrambling to finish preparing dinner so I can pick him up. Two weeks after practicing they have their spring game. Then there is the delightful Blitz card sale. Which is a bunch of bull! Each player has to sale 25 coupon books ( really good coupons for $20.00) and then on blitz day they give them an additional 5 and those are mandatory to sale. 

So I pull up to the stadium at 4:30 and here comes 4 boys in addition to my son, stomping to get in my car so that I can drive them around to sale 5 cards each. After lots of pep talks and snacks, they successfully sold all their books. It might be 8:30 but I’m proud that they gave it their all and now I can’t wait to hit my pillow.

Did I mention that we have 2 other kids that are athletes as well?

My oldest runs track and the meets feel like they last for 16 hours each. So there we are yelling and screaming GO GO RUN SAMANTHA as if that will make her run faster. She claims she hears us and that motivates her so I guess getting blasted by the sun and a stiff back from the bleachers is worth it. On a side note maybe I wouldn’t have a stiff back if I remembered to bring my stadium chairs but I digress.

Then there is baby Mak, our little soccer player. She begged to try out for academy and I said absolutely not Recreation is good enough for this household. It’s cheaper, they practice minutes from our house and they only meet 2 days a week. But my husband said, “I think she is ready to move up and play academy.”  I could have punched him when he said that in front of her.

Oh, how angry I was.

I knew that the commitment was crazy because our oldest played soccer for years before she switched to track. So I knew that if she made it she would practice 3 days a week, 25 minutes from our house and games would be every Saturday and most Sundays plus tournaments 4 times a year. But let’s not forget about the cost difference of rec and academy. We are talking about a significant difference.

So I told her that if she makes the top team then we will move forward with it but if she didn’t make the team she would go back to rec and add an additional day for skill training. Well, she made the academy team, and here I sit in May sweating to death at her end of the season tournaments and final practices for the season. Then all of a sudden I learn that there is a combine that they want you to take the girls too so they can be prepared for tryouts the following week.

Did I mention I was room mom for Makenzie’s class?

Off to the school I go for field day and then back for the end of the year party that I had to help plan and collect money for. I’m proud to announce that both events were a huge hit! The kids had a blast and all the teachers and parents left exhausted and questioning their entire existence.

Well, that’s all I have for now… I need to run to the store and get the items needed for an ice cream party Makenzie’s class. Pray that I make it through one more day of school. We are now in the home stretch and it feels so good!

You could have chosen any blog to read but you chose mine and I’m honored.


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