Do You See Me

All we want is to be seen and heard. You may not agree with everything we are saying and that’s okay just acknowledge that fact that we are here. Some so many ladies will go through their entire life and not know what it’s like to be listened to. As well as being left to wonder if they are being seen or looked over. Yeah, you have said the L word but what does that mean without putting actions behind it.

Love means nothing if all you can do is say it and not back it up.

As a woman, I like to come downstairs wholly dressed in a new outfit, hair done to perfection, makeup on point and have my husband tell me that I look amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, or whatever other words he would like to shower me with. I want to be noticed and recognized for all my hard work. Sorry to say but I didn’t wake up like this. It took patience and dedication to get me to look like something and damn near wore myself out… I had lost hope halfway through, but a quick prayer and protein shake gave me the strength to continue.

But I don’t only want to be praised when I take half the day to pull myself together.

Right women?!!!! It is so breathtaking to be treated like you matter all the time. I mean like you don’t just see our mouth moving, and our words are sounding like Charlie Brown’s teacher, but we are actually being heard. Eye contact is being made and focus is unreal.

When a man does that you know you have something special. The starvation to hear I love you I love you isn’t needed. The love is written all over the wall and the respect that he has for you is all in his focus. A man that sees you, I mean truly sees you will not let you go. He will do anything in his power to make sure that you know he is focused on you and that you matter. He will not leave any questions unanswered.

Don’t confuse sex for focus…..

 Ya’ll know better than that. Focus happens with your clothes on and conversation is being had. If you have to be half dressed or having sex to feel like you are being heard then, there is a problem with your self-esteem. We need to know that there is more to us than that. A man in love will bond with you and stay boo’d up with you with all your attire on. Keep that self-worth intake and know that you alone are enough. YOU ARE ENOUGH!

You start to walk and look different when you began to believe that. Your energy will attract a man that sees what you see and help you discover the beauty that you didn’t see.

You’ll know when that man comes along.

The simple way he touches your hand will assure you that he is focused on you. Leaving zero concern… you know his eyes are all on you.

No need to ask… Do you see me?

You could have chosen to read any blog but you chose mine and I’m honored.


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  1. Thank you ! How invigorating for me to experience your blog ! I’ve forgotten to expect to be complimented .. things are so demented lately I’ve forgotten to notice the abnormal lack of compliments in my life !!

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