Not Your Average Flatbread Pizza

Anyone who knows me and have hung out with me on my blog, know that I love pizza. LOVE LOVE LOVE pizza. I am so particular about it and need more than just a deep crust, I need the crust to be bursting with flavor. I want the crust to be so good that I can eat it without anything on it. For me, it should be as flavorful as a breadstick.

I feel like over the years I have perfected my crust and now I’m ready to try new things. But before I adventure out to purchase all the ingredients that I think I need, I have to head out and do a taste test. So off to the grocery I went.

I’ve tried several different types of flatbread but the one that stuck out to me was NAAN Flatbread.

It’s not your typical shape that you can order at restaurants and I kind of like that. If you are in a more garlic mood than you can get the garlic bread instead of the original.  They are both really good but I personally will prefer without garlic, unless you cook them on the grill. Now that would be amazing. The flavors of the smoke grill against the pizza sauce, sauteed toppings and the garlic from the bread would be to die for!

That sounds so amazing that almost lost my train of that!


Feeds 5  Bake on 400 degrees for 7-10 minutes

  • 2 packs NAAN Flatbread
  • 4 tablespoons Olive Oil
  • 2 Green Peppers
  • 1 Red Pepper
  • 1 Yellow Pepper
  • 1 Sage Sausage Roll
  • 1/2 Meatless Sausage Roll
  • 24 Ounces of Pasta Sauce
  • 2 Cups Mozzarella Cheese
  • 2 Cups Spinach
  1.  In a large heated pan add olive oil sausage rolled into small balls and cooked all the way through.
  1. Remove from pan and add green peppers, red pepper, yellow pepper and an onion optional sauté for 10 minutes on medium.
  2. Use the food processor to finely chop your sausage.
  3. Add sauce on top of flatbread, sausage (meatless sausage or sage sausage) followed by peppers, mozzarella cheese and top off with spinach.
  4. Cook for 7-10 minutes!

You could have chosen to read any blog but you chose mine and I’m honored.


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