My Saturday Routine

My alarm is set for 7:45 and on a good Saturday I’ll wake up 30 minutes before that delightful chime goes off. I take my time rising up and make me a warm cup of coffee. I was never a big coffee drinker until a couple of years ago when bought a Keurig and it was so much fun to operate and so easy to use.

I slip into a warm quick rinse off shower, brush my teeth and put on my workout clothes. At this point I am on a little bit of a time crunch, I usually spend way too long to in the shower. So I quickly comb my hair, kiss my husband goodbye, fill up my water bottle and run out before Larry (our chihuahua) and baby Makenzie wakes up.

Kickboxing starts at 9 and I am so proud that I get there on TIME now!!! Not only am I on time by I am 10- 15 minutes early. HUGE DEAL for me. After an hour of a die-hard class that is packed to the extreme with nothing but kick ass folks. But let me just pause for a second and tell you how much I love these people! It is almost impossible to stop talking and laughing, every Saturday feels like a reunion and I struggle to leave everyone.

But I have to pull myself away so I can rush to a soccer game so I can see Makenzie kick butt on the field.  So I get home and make me a chocolate protein shake. I know what you are probably thinking just get a shake at the gym or on your way to the soccer field. Well, I am a cheap and live way to close to the gym to waste money like that. So I make my shake and see my way to the field.

I finally make it back home for good around 2:00 and wind down with a deep long stretch and Epsom salt bubble bath. All of the bathroom lights are off and just a peak of light coming in from my big window over my bathtub. I turn on HULU and watch whatever strikes me that day. I mostly just listen because I sink all the way into my tub until my whole head is completely submerged in the bubbly water.

Once I make it out I cook something fresh and delicious while I laugh and talk with my kiddos and snuggle with my Larry. I always want to go on Saturday date night with my husband but my couch is so comfortable and we all love watching comedy and just being in each other’s company. But occasionally we do make it out for a date night and talk and laugh like teenagers.

I love my Saturday routine and wouldn’t change one thing.

You could have chosen to read any blog but you chose mine and I’m honored.


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