The Best Revenge Is Living Well


How many times have you heard someone say that stress can kill you? I have heard that too many times and I’ve lost count. I was always thought that it was dumbest expression and even to this day I don’t like saying it. I know I don’t like repeating it because it was always stated without an educated explanation. However, over the years, I have dedicated my life to helping people lose weight and in some cases gain weight. Throughout both journeys trials and tribulations will come and you have to learn how to properly handle each one in order to live well.

I know that is easier said than done. But you have to make it a habit to walk away from stressful situations or stressful people.


You have to ask yourself “why am I carrying this stress around” and “how is it benefiting me?” It is also helpful to write a list and then deal with each item one at a time. If the list involves people then that’s easy. I’ve learned first hand that family will bring you the most stress. They know which buttons to push and will have a field day laying on the button as hard as they can. We allow them to rip our emotions and self-esteem to shreds. Giving them one opportunity after another to repeat the shredding process. All in while you’re hoping for a better outcome this time.

Guess what?

It will be the same outcome as the last one and the one before that. At some point, you have to let that stressful pattern go and invite positivity into your life. You can’t walk around with a heavy heart, missing sleep because you are thinking about the hurt and pain, not eating, nor exercising because you lack the motivation to make healthy choices.

Once you combine all of the above attributes from stress, you can see why it will kill you. You can’t function over a long period of time like this. Eventually your body will break down internally as well as externally.

Go To Sleep

Sleep peaceful and focus on feeling better not plotting and scheming on how to get revenge on those that have wronged you. That’s a total waste of time and energy. The best revenge is for you to live well.  Most importantly, you are doing this for YOU and only you. Not to throw in anyone’s face. Focus on you.

Financial stress is another big concern and will have you up at night retracing your steps and wondering how did I spend so much money. Now finding it difficult to pay your bills and making ends meet. I wish I could say that staying up all night and stressing out will make money fall out of the sky. If it did I would’ve been rich in college. Lack of sleep can cause anxiety to hit all-time high which ultimately will lead to slow thinking. However, with proper rest, you can think clearly and make better decisions that will pull you out of that financial slump.

Your ultimate goal is to live well but you have to take the initiative to get there.

Repeat This

Live well, eat well, put a silence on revenge, work hard and save harder.

Wishing you all happy thoughts.

You could have chosen any blog to read but you chose mine and I’m honored.




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